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Our Virtual Forest

Being > means being kind to ourselves and others and being rebels but not without a cause. Putting the environment first as demonstrated by actions not words. A journey that we continue to explore, in all aspects of our business.

We're passionate about more than just crafting exceptional rugs, we're dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet. That's why we've teamed up with Ecologi to create our very own virtual forest. 

When you buy a > rug you're not just enhancing your space but contributing to our virtual forest. We plant trees in it for every rug sold, offsetting our carbon footprint and supporting good casuses along the way. 

We're transparent about our mission. You can monitor the virtual forest's growth, check tree count, carbon offset and view supported projects on our dedicated page within the Ecologi site.

See our virtual forest here

We do realise that this isn't going to solve all the problems we're facing with regard the climate, which is why it's just one small part of our environmental mission—click on the Sustainable Innovation link in our Menu to find out more about our sustainability goals.

Thank you for choosing > rugs.


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Turning the Rug Game on its Head

Turning the Rug Game on its Head

We're super excited to introduce you to > rugs, where we're turning the rug game on its head, one thread at a time.

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