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> in any Colour

Perhaps you're looking for a rug in a particular shape, size or colour. You might even have an idea for your own design? In a world where boundaries are fluid, bespoke is our middle name. We’re painting outside every line, conjuring rugs that aren’t just walked on but lived with and breathed in. Custom made, redefined. > in any colour.


Kickstart your creation by scheduling a consultation with our design team. We'll invite you to tell us all about your ideas, inspirations, and specific requirements. Remember, your vision is at the heart of this collaboration.

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Colour Exploration

We'll share a range of color samples to spark your imagination. Our designers have complete artistic freedom, and these samples can serve as a starting point for your unique creation or even as an opportunity to re-colour one of our existing designs.

Design Development

Once we understand your vision and preferred colours, our designers will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. We'll share digital mockups with you and we'll suggest changes and refinements until you're absolutely satisfied with the design.


With your design perfected, we move on to the approval and production phase. Your green light will initiate the production process, throughout which we'll keep you updated on the progress, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.


We'll inform you when your rug is ready for delivery, allowing you to plan accordingly. Our lead times are 6-8 weeks as standard across all the products.


Your journey doesn't end with delivery because we're always on hand to hear about your experiences and offer guidance. Crafting your > rug is a collaborative and rewarding process and we're committed to bringing your vision to life with craftsmanship and creativity in every thread.

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With virtually limitless design potential, we challenge you to dream boldly. From intricate patterns to vivid colour palettes, if you can envision it, we can craft it. Whether you want to change the colour of one of our hand-picked selection, or you want to dive into a custom rug odyssey, we've got you covered. Our eclectic collection is designed in Britain, made in Europe and supplied to street savvy individuals and influential brands worldwide.


We had the pleasure of supplying a number of custom designed products to Sonos in Covent Garden, London.


Our > showroom in Clerkenwell features a host of custom made rugs, designed specifically to fit the space.

Tech Co

We recently supplied a custom made camouflage inspired rug to a global technology company, for the entrance to their executive suite.

> in Every Thread

> in any Colour

> for the Planet