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Custom rug design workshop

We recently delivered our first custom rug design workshop in our Clerkenwell showroom. Immersed in a world of bold, colourful abstract designs, our clients wielded paints, inks, and collages, transforming raw ideas into visual statements. 

As these initial concepts took shape, we harnessed the power of AI technology to refine and enhance, allowing for a seamless fusion of art and innovation, crafting patterns that captured the original essence but added a digital twist. 

The collaboration extended beyond the screen. We meticulously produced sample sections of these custom designs, offering each designer a tangible glimpse of their creation. This critical step ensured complete confidence in every detail, affirming the design before final production.

Creating a custom rug with deadgood rugs isn't just about filling a space but making a statement, a bold declaration of style and creativity. It's about crafting an art piece that is not only walked on but also lived with and admired. So, if you're ready to paint outside every line, why not join us at our next workshop or visit our London showroom to begin your bespoke rug journey.

Let’s create something extraordinary together for your next bustling commercial interior, serene hotel, or dynamic office environment!

Contact us via the menu to find out how to get involved with our next custom rug design workshop.

deadgood rugs. Custom made rugs, redefined! 

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Custom made rugs, redefined.

Custom made rugs, redefined.

In a world where boundaries are fluid, bespoke is our middle name.

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