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Customisable rugs for office spaces and commercial settings, available in bold and graphic designs

> pedigree

We are part of the renowned furniture brand >, known for an unwavering dedication to quality, personalisation and sustainability in the commercial furniture industry. We've now embarked on a new mission: to redefine the world of rugs, one thread at a time.

Environmentally responsible practices in rug manufacturing for business environments

> for the Planet

Our inkjet printed polyamide rugs can offer a lower carbon footprint than wool, they boast durability, recyclability and also meet rigorous environmental standards.

Rug production line demonstrating craftsmanship and quality control for business clients

> in Every Thread

Our technology delivers precise, full spectrum colour, treating only the fibres requiring colouring. We achieve thirty pixels per centimetre penetration, leaving no room for water-based dye waste.

Custom-designed rugs adding warmth and style to commercial interiors

> Service

Our rugs exceed industry standards, while remaining easy on the purse strings. With our fast lead time of six to eight weeks from design to delivery, we ensure that your custom rug experience will leave you floored, in more ways than one.

> in any Colour

Our bespoke rug designs can be crafted to match your brand using our curated palette of 140 colours.

Made to Order

Our print-on-demand approach maximises customisation, while minimising waste. Get your custom rug exactly how you want it.

> for the Planet

Certifications by Eurofins Gold for VOC emissions and BREEAM for new constructions. Choose our environmentally friendly bespoke rugs.

Quick Delivery

Custom designed rugs take 6-8 weeks, quicker if you choose from our core collection. Visit the London showroom to see our statement rugs.

Custom rug design consultation showcasing colour options for commercial clients

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“I highly recommend >'s custom design service to anyone looking for a unique and beautifully crafted rug.”

Mazzy Amirah, Lead Creative.