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Contemporary rug design enhancing a modern office interior

> for the planet

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword, it's at the very core of our business with sustainable practices woven into every thread.

Environmentally responsible practices in rug manufacturing for business environments

Water Management

Our sustainable practices include sourcing 90% of our water from our own natural spring, minimising reliance on communal water pipes. The dyes we use meet strict eco-criteria; they are water-based and free from heavy metals, preventing pollution of sewers and enabling water recycling back to drinking water. With our innovative chromojet colour management process, we achieve a 70% reduction in water waste compared to traditional printing techniques. We also penetrate the pile at a pixel-level, leaving no room for water-based dye waste.

Rug production line demonstrating craftsmanship and quality control for business clients

Energy Management

Our technology delivers precise, full-spectrum colour, treating only the fibres requiring colouring. The ISO 50001 certification in place, signifies a systematic approach to managing energy performance. This certification ensures meticulous monitoring and analysis of energy flows, enabling identification of areas for energy efficiency improvement. By continuously updating these processes, we aim to optimise energy consumption, minimise waste and reduce our environmental footprint.

Environmentally responsible practices in rug manufacturing for business environments

Carbon Footprint

Polyamide rugs typically have a lower carbon footprint than wool due to several factors, including the manufacturing process, transportation and lifecycle considerations. Our specific manufacturing process requires less energy and water compared to wool processing and production, contributing to reduced carbon emissions. Additionally, the lighter weight of polyamide rugs reduces transportation-related emissions during distribution, further lowering their overall carbon footprint.

Quality control in advanced rug production process for commercial sales


Our suppliers hold the 'Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Certificate', indicating compliance with 'European VOC Emission Standards', promoting healthy indoor environments. This certification consolidates all relevant emission specifications under one umbrella, affirming a commitment to air quality. Furthermore, our rugs meet 'BREEAM' criteria for VOC emissions, aligning with the leading sustainability assessment method. 'AZO' and 'REACH' certifications ensure the absence of harmful substances in the dyes we use, prioritising safety and environmental protection.

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Emily, Specifier.