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> for the Planet

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword, it's at the very core of our business, with sustainable practices woven into our DNA. We source 90% of our water from nature's own spring and our certified dyes breathe life into our creations with the gentlest of touches. We're reducing water waste to a whisper and taking pride in our climate-positive workforce. > for the planet, you might say.

> Process

We're pioneering the production of printed polyamide rugs using certified dyes. The technology is a game-changer, achieving any possible colour from 16 unchanging basic shades.

Pixel-Level Precision

We penetrate the pile at pixel-level and can boast a remarkable 30 pixels per centimeter. This precision treats only the fibres requiring colouring, leaving no room for water-based dye waste.

Print on Demand

We take customisation further with our print-on-demand approach. This means producing only what's necessary, minimising potential waste and unnecessary inventory.

Certified Green

Our product certifications include Eurofins Gold for VOC emissions, BREEAM for new constructions and GUT for holistic environmental protection, reflecting our unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability.

Embodied Carbon

Polyamide rugs can offer a lower carbon footprint than wool in production and transportation, they boast longer durability, support a circular economy through recyclability and meet rigorous environmental certifications, making them a more responsible and eco-friendly option compared to wool.

Our Pledge

We pledge to plant one tree for every product sold. In fact you can view our progress in our virtual forest.

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> for the Planet

Sustainability isn't just a promise, it's our practice. With precision, innovation and environmental responsibility, we're weaving craftsmanship and creativity into every thread.

Our brand is an extension of the renowned furniture company >, known for its unwavering dedication to quality, personalisation and sustainability in the furniture industry. > in any color is our mantra and > for the planet is our philosophy. We've now embarked on a new mission: to redefine the world of rugs, one thread at a time.

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> for the Planet